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  • What Should You Look for in a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?
    If you’ve recently suffered a workplace injury, an attorney can help you obtain the coverage you need and deserve, be it through workers’ compensation benefits, a negligence claim or a third party injury lawsuit. But what qualifications should you seek in a lawyer? Consider the following tips There are a number of places to begin… Read More »
  • Workplace Violence Continues to be a Concern for Employers, Workers
    Workplace injuries resulting from intentional violence, as opposed to accidental, are far more commonplace than many people realize. Violence in the workplace can emerge in many different scenarios: night shift workers assaulted in poorly-lit parking lots, tellers and cashiers held up and heated arguments between colleagues ending in blows. According to the Centers for Disease… Read More »
  • Limits to Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Maryland
    When it comes to wrongful death, it’s often helpful for survivors to think of a lawsuit as a personal injury claim filed on behalf of the deceased, who is no longer able to do so. These lawsuits simply assess the damages the deceased and the survivors suffered and allocate appropriate compensation. However, it’s important to… Read More »
  • Key Issues to Consider When Seeking Compensation after a Catastrophic Injury
    Catastrophic injuries are defined as life-altering injuries, usually unforeseen and sudden, that result in long-term disability and a drastic decrease in quality of life. In many cases, victims of catastrophic injuries require lifelong medical care and are left unable to work or earn a living. Most commonly occurring due to falls, industrial accidents, car accidents… Read More »
  • Youth Sports Head Injury Claims Continue to Rise
    Whether sports-related concussions are becoming more common or families of young athletes are simply more willing to pursue legal action today, lawsuits for head injuries in sports are on the rise. Recent campaigns have helped raise awareness about the risk of severe head injuries causing long-term debilitation to NFL players and other adult athletes. This… Read More »

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