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Brain cells require a constant supply of oxygen to survive and function. Cerebral hypoxia occurs when not enough oxygen reaches the brain, a condition that can result in severe brain damage or death if oxygen flow is not immediately restored. There are a variety of causes of oxygen deprivation affecting babies in utero, during delivery or in the precious moments following birth.

LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. has represented families in birth injury claims since 1987. We understand the shock and pain of learning that your baby has sustained a serious birth injury and, as a result, may live with permanent disabilities or may not survive. Our attorneys and staff give your family respect, privacy and compassion during this difficult time as we begin the process of holding your doctors liable for the damage they caused.

What went wrong?

What went wrong? You deserve an honest, complete answer to this question. Yet, obstetricians and hospital administrators are often reluctant to say anything that could implicate them. For this reason, you are likely to receive only vague, ambiguous responses to your inquiries. Our attorneys lodge a complete investigation to determine what happened and who is responsible. We consider these common contributors of fetal and newborn brain damage:

  • Fetal development — Modern equipment allows obstetricians to monitor a fetus’s prenatal health, and doctors should be trained to detect signs of fetal anemia, congenital fetal infection, neonatal stroke, heart malformation and other indications of fetal distress.
  • Labor and delivery — A baby may be deprived of oxygen during vaginal or cesarean-section delivery because of labor and delivery negligence, such as umbilical cord complications, hemorrhaging, and prolonged and difficult childbirth.
  • Maternal health — Doctors have a duty to screen the mother for risk factors and to take precautions during her pregnancy to prevent or control conditions that can adversely affect her fetus’s health, including obesity, malnutrition, preeclampsia, pelvic inflammatory disease, gestational diabetes, cardiac disease, lung disease and other conditions that hinder blood flow to the placenta.

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