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When LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. was established in 1987, a diagnosis of breast cancer usually meant patients had only a few years or months to live. Women did not often undergo routine screening, and the diagnostic tests available had limited reliability. Cancer was typically discovered at later stages, and the physically and emotionally harsh treatments were not always effective.

Thankfully, times have changed. In Maryland, women have access to inexpensive, regular breast exams and are educated about detecting abnormalities. Advances in diagnostic testing can identify minuscule localized tumors. Treatments are much more effective than they were three decades ago. As with other types of cancers, such as prostate cancer or mesothelioma, a primary factor in successfully fighting the disease is early, accurate diagnosis.

Diagnostic Breast Cancer Screening

To diagnose your condition, your doctor should consider your symptoms, risk factors, family history, medical background and other important information. Because of the devastating consequences of cancer misdiagnosis, your doctor should listen carefully to your concerns and order appropriate diagnostic tests, including:

  • Biopsy
  • Breast exam
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Diagnostic mammogram
  • MRI

The results of these tests should dictate your doctor’s next steps, such as whether to give you a clean bill of health, order additional tests or begin treatment.

Why Accurate, Early Diagnosis is Crucial

Diagnosis of cancer at its earliest stages increases the treatment options available. For example, surgical removal of a tumor or small doses of radiation may be enough to treat localized cancer. As the cancer progresses, women may require more invasive treatments, such as higher doses of radiation, chemotherapy, a mastectomy or a lymphadenectomy. If the cancer spreads to other organs, women may require extensive, often debilitating treatments that affect the entire body. Once the disease has reached its late terminal stages, patients may only have experimental or palliative treatment options left.

If delayed diagnosis denied you the right to important treatment options, our legal team holds the negligent doctors accountable for misdiagnosis.

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