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Medical Mistakes Can Result in Life-Threatening Brain Bleed Injuries

Compensation for brain hemorrhaging claims in Maryland

Bleeding on the brain is a very serious condition that can result in permanent or fatal injuries. Cerebral hemorrhaging is associated with a variety of treatable medical conditions, such as stroke and aneurysm. In addition, medical procedures put patients at risk of brain bleeding and, ultimately, brain damage.

LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. has represented injured patients in complex medical malpractice claims for more than three decades. Our lawyers evaluate whether your head injury was caused or exacerbated by medical negligence. We give you a straightforward assessment of your case so you can make informed decisions. Every action we take is focused on recovering your rightful compensation.

Surgical Mistake

Special equipment is designed to monitor a patient’s vitals and alert the surgical team to problems, including aneurysm and reduced delivery of oxygen to the brain. Cerebral hypoxia occurs when the brain receives too little oxygen. Aneurysm occurs when a blood vessel ruptures. Brain cells begin to die within minutes of oxygen interruption, putting patients at risk of severe brain damage or death if oxygen is not immediately restored.

Birth Injuries

Miraculously, most children are born healthy. However, obstetric negligence, including dangerous oxygen deprivation and brain bleeding during pregnancy, labor or delivery, could be the cause of birth injuries. A baby whose oxygen supply is interrupted can develop cerebral palsy and other types of devastating brain injuries. Birth injury is often preventable if the doctor assesses the mother and child for risk factors and takes appropriate precautions to handle umbilical cord problems, hemorrhaging, breech birth, larger-than-average fetus size and prolonged delivery.

Delayed Treatment for Stroke and Aneurysm

Immediate appropriate treatment for stroke can improve a patient’s chances of surviving and recovering functionality. When the patient arrives at the emergency room, hospital staff should have the knowledge and training to recognize the symptoms of stroke or aneurysm and to take quick action. Because treatments for hemorrhagic stroke are different than for ischemic stroke, in which an artery is blocked, doctors must make a clear diagnosis. Treatment for stroke or aneurysm ideally should begin within four and a half hours, and the sooner the better, because every minute of delayed treatment is a matter of life and death. If your loved one is disabled or died because of delayed stroke care, our attorneys conduct a full investigation of the hospital’s emergency room procedures to determine what went wrong.

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