Baltimore Birth Injury Lawyers: Multiple Births and Risk of Injuries

Women who are pregnant with multiples tend to experience a higher risk of birth injuries than women who have single births. In most cases, women who are in labor with multiple births are much more likely to have cesarean sections in order to protect the babies and the mother. In addition to the risks associated with a surgical » Read More

Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Miscommunication and Malpractice

Communication is a key element in any relationship, whether it is between a married couple or the members of a corporate board meeting. When the lines of communication break down, things can fall apart quickly. This is also true in the hospital setting. Poor communication between hospital staff members can lead to medical errors, hospital » Read More

Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Medical Malpractice on the Rise

Many people regard doctors as superhuman, incapable of making mistakes. They would not consider questioning their doctor’s medical diagnosis, or their recommended treatment plan. Unfortunately, doctors are human, and they do make medical mistakes. Whether it is a simple oversight like a prescription that was not filled out correctly, or a blatant misdiagnosis, it can » Read More