How to Avoid a Misdiagnosis

Doctors often diagnose an illness based on the symptoms that the patient is suffering from, as well as the patient’s age, family history, and other information that can help accurately identify the problem. However, oftentimes, patients have symptoms that are nonspecific, like headaches, muscle or joint pain, or stomach discomfort that leave physicians just as » Read More

Doctor Leaves Surgical Instrument In Patient

It may seem unthinkable that a qualified, experienced physician would fail to remove an eight-inch long pair of forceps from a patient after performing surgery. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to a patient who was admitted to Shasta Regional Medical Center in Redding, California to have a benign abdominal tumor removed. After experiencing severe » Read More

Therapeutic Benefits of Induced Hypothermia in Newborns

For parents, welcoming a new baby into the world is an amazing, joyful experience. However, if something goes wrong and the baby’s health is at risk, it can quickly become one of the most terrifying experiences. When a baby does not get enough oxygen or blood flow to the brain during labor or delivery, it » Read More

Doctor Working Under Numerous Aliases

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Prince George’s Hospital Center after they failed to conduct a thorough background check on one of their physicians. Dr. Charles Akoda, whose real name is Oluwafemi Igberase, had been working at the hospital delivering babies and performing surgeries without obtaining a license to practice medicine. While it » Read More

Common Signs of a Birth Injury  

In the United States, most babies are born without any major problems or complications. However, when something does go wrong, the baby can suffer from a birth injury. There are several injuries that can occur during the labor and delivery process, some of which are caused by unexpected complications. Other injuries are due to negligence » Read More