Birth Injuries and Developmental Disorders

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Baltimore Birth Injury Lawyers discuss developmental disorders in babies with birth injuries. A group of researchers has found that a significant number of children with autism or attention deficit disorders also experienced some type of injury during the birth process. This link was found after doctors and medical researchers conducted in-depth research into the possible causes of autism and attention deficit disorders. While some birth injuries can happen as a result of a difficult birth, other injuries may be caused by a medical error.

According to the study, approximately 80 percent of all autistic children, or those living with an attention deficit disorder, experienced a birth injury. In most cases, these injuries occur during the labor and delivery process. If the injury affects the nervous system, it can cause a range of cognitive and psychological problems down the road.

The following are examples of injuries that can happen during labor and delivery that may lead to certain types of disorders, including autism:

  • Baby is pulled from the birth canal in a rough manner
  • Injuries related to forceps and vacuum extractions
  • Uterine inertia
  • Improper administration of epidural
  • Waiting too long to perform a C-section
  • Umbilical cord wrapped around baby’s neck, or other related issues
  • Extremely long, or very quick labor
  • Using medication to induce labor
  • Physician fails to monitor an infant who has a slow heart rate
  • Neonatal anemia
  • Maternal hemorrhaging
  • Meconium aspiration

If a baby’s nervous system has been damaged during delivery, infants often show the following signs within 24-48 hours:

  • Arched back when placed on his or her side
  • Unable to be consoled, excessive crying
  • Throwing up regularly after being fed
  • Uneven movements in the arms and/or legs

Common Signs of Attention Deficit Disorder

As a child grows, and begins to attend school, he or she may exhibit certain behavioral or cognitive problems, which may be early signs of attention deficit disorder. Common signs include:

  • Difficulty following directions
  • Becomes angry or frustrated easily
  • Easily distracted or bored
  • Difficulty staying focused on one task
  • Forgetful, loses things easily
  • Hyperactivity
  • Poor listening skills
  • Impulsiveness

Autism is a wide-spectrum disorder, so it can range from extremely mild to quite severe. A child with mild autism may be highly intelligent and able to socialize with other children and attend a regular school. A child with a more severe case may be completely nonverbal and need to go to a school that specializes in teaching children with developmental disabilities.

It is important to consult a medical professional for the diagnosis of any suspected developmental disorders.

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