Complications with Popular Birth Control Device

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Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers discuss complications related to the use of IUDs.A Baltimore woman was forced to have a full hysterectomy and had her toes amputated after her intrauterine device (IUD) shifted and broke into pieces inside her body, causing serious complications. The device was inserted shortly after giving birth to her daughter and did not give her any problems until nearly three years later when she began to experience severe abdominal pain. After going into the hospital to have the device surgically removed, she suffered complications and went into septic shock. She eventually recovered, but the lack of blood flow to her extremities caused her toes to be amputated. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with IUDs that patients should be aware of before proceeding with this method of birth control.

IUDs continue to be one of the most popular methods of birth control due to their long-term effectiveness, lack of side effects, and convenience. Once it is inserted, you do not have to think about it, unless you decide you want to get pregnant, at which point the IUD can be removed. However, the effectiveness of the IUD relies on the skill of the gynecologist who is inserting it.

Examples of IUD Medical Malpractice

A patient may file an IUD medical malpractice lawsuit for several reasons. If the physician does not insert the device properly, the woman may experience a range of problems, including an unwanted pregnancy, expulsion, bleeding, abdominal pain, missing strings, pelvic inflammatory disease, and uterine perforation. In some cases, a physician is unable to locate or remove an IUD, which can occur after a uterine perforation, or if a second IUD is inserted before the first IUD is removed. In extreme cases, this can cause internal bleeding, serious infections, and even fatality.

A patient may also pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit if the physician did not discuss the potential risks associated with the device. The physician has a duty to inform the patient about the qualities and characteristics of the product that he or she believes the patient should know. If the physician fails to provide this information, he or she may be held liable for any injuries sustained by the patient, either during the insertion procedure or later. The physician may also be held liable if he or she does not warn the patient about the health risks involved in continuing a pregnancy while an IUD is still in place.

Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Represent Patients Who Suffered Injuries Related to an IUD

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