Mothers’ Health Often Overlooked During Childbirth  

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Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers discuss childbirth injuries. In the United States alone, close to four million babies are born every year. Many women go into labor on or close to their due date and deliver their baby without any health complications. However, the childbirth process can be unpredictable, and things can go wrong, putting the health of the baby and the mother in jeopardy. When unexpected health issues arise, doctors work fast to identify the problem and provide immediate treatment. Unfortunately, research suggests that doctors tend to focus on the well-being of the baby, often to the detriment of the mother.

The National Institutes of Health developed a task force to learn more about the care of pregnant and nursing mothers and to find new drugs that can effectively treat pregnancy-related conditions. For example, researchers found that there is not enough information about the dosing of medications. Whereas the general population may be approved for a certain dose of a medication, it may be different for a pregnant or nursing woman.

Women Should Advocate for Themselves

The Chief of Obstetrics at the University of California, San Francisco urges all pregnant women to conduct their own research and find as much information as they can about their doctor, and the facility where they plan to deliver. They can find out how many C-sections their doctor has performed and his or her episiotomy rates, as well as important information about the hospitals in their area. While C-section and episiotomy rates are not the only reflection of the quality of care that the doctor will provide, it is a good starting point. It may also reflect the doctor’s overall philosophy on issues, like when to perform a C-section, which may or may not be in line with the patient’s philosophy.

Despite the medical advances that continue to be made in obstetric care in the United States, there is a lot that doctors do not know about the health of women during pregnancy and childbirth. There is a lack of data due to concerns of including pregnant women in research studies. Researchers are conducting several new studies aimed at understanding women’s health and providing the best treatment options for pregnancy and childbirth. In October, a series of papers investigated the number of babies born via C-section, a number that doubled globally between 2000 and 2015. The C-section rate in the United States is 25 percent, which is 10 to 15 percent higher than necessary, according to the World Health Organization.

Researchers have also examined other issues, including when a woman should push during labor, and whether pregnant women who are overweight should restrict calories during pregnancy. Each of these studies examine different aspects of the woman’s health, and how to provide better care for women during pregnancy and childbirth.

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